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Building and Advancing AI Technology

Interactions SVP of Engineering, Mahesh Nair, discusses what sets our AI technology apart.
Mahesh Nair
SVP, Engineering
"At Interactions you will be part of our journey to build cutting edge technologies that combines the best of AI and human intelligence to create compelling Conversational and Interactive experiences for our customers. You will enjoy the exposure to a broad array of technologies: Software Engineering/Operations for internet scale, Conversational AI Research, Machine Learning and Big Data."
Errol Apostolopoulos
SVP, Product
"From a product perspective, the best thing about working at Interactions is having a front-row seat to helping our customers leverage breakthrough innovation at the enterprise scale. How do the largest companies in the world best utilize conversational AI advancements to serve their customer care needs? We are solving this problem every day and the product team is driving innovation in parallel with the likes of Amazon & Google. It's an exciting time to be here."